Dual Flash and CuddeLink Cap

Dual Flash and CuddeLink Cap

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16 Cameras, 1 Cell Service Plan
With CuddeLink images from up to 15 remote cameras are transmitted to 1 CuddeLink Home camera.

CuddeCell will send all those images to the user via cell phone service.

And only 1 cell plan (line) is needed. So instead of paying for many cell plans, you only pay for 1.

NOTE – this cap replaces the CuddeLink Cap on the Dual Flash & Home Plus.



A totally new concept in trail cameras.

The CuddeLink Dual Flash is the foundation product of a CuddeLink network.

The CuddeLink Dual Flash is not sold as 1 product. You will purchase a Dual Flash model 1361 and CuddeLink CL-Cap model 2092 to create a CuddeLink Dual Flash.

It can be deployed as the Home camera, Remote camera, or range extending repeater.

Use multiple CuddeLink Dual Flash cameras to create a CuddeLink network.

Cell capability can be adding with the CuddeCell CC-CAP model 2108.


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