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Construction Companies In Hyderabad Are Using This Latest Instrument To Scan Buried Utilities On Their Construction Sites


SVN Projects is a premier organization which is involved in the construction of buildings in Hyderabad, the company has its headquarters based in Gachibowli. The company is instrumental in carrying out the detection of buried utilities such as the electricity cables, metal pipes and other pipeline which was laid previously, during the excavation of the proposed land.

The Challenges

The frequent challenge that the company used to face was the failure to detect the underground buried utilities such as the electricity cables, metal pipes and other pipelines, while undertaking the excavation work at the site. This often resulted in the accidental breakage of the new telecom cables, industrial cables etc and often led to some heavy penalties by both the private vendors and also from the Government agencies.
The company instead wanted to avoid these concerns and make way for a seamless construction practice and were looking out for a tangible solution which can make the process much easier and make them free from any accidental economical loss.

The Solution

The suggested device that we recommended to the client was Leica DD120 which helps the construction engineers in detecting the underground utilities and can graciously detect the possibility of any object in the range of 3 meters and helped the construction workers to carry on with their work without any possible hindrance and mainly to avoid any major penalties.