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Larsen And Toubro Chooses The Handheld Nautiz X6 Gnss Receiver Over Everything Else For Geospatial Surveying In Its Prestigious Telangana Fibre Project


The Telangana Fiber Project, has been one of the largest communication networks in India, which is comprehensively handled and equally executed by the Larsen & Toubro Constructions, which has been the construction giant in India. The sole objective of L & T has been to connect the internet to every household, government institutions and equally the private enterprises across the state, and this has been made possible through the optical fibres which helps in the high speed internet connectivity.

The Challenges

The L & T engineers and also the land surveyors, were constantly facing a struggle in terms of getting exposed to hot, humid and also some of the harsh environmental factors, while they were surveying.  The purpose of such usage was to measure the Geospatial Positional Accuracy of data at the trenches, as they had to dig to lay the optical fibre cables for the purpose of T-fibre project which eventually became the major challenge and that required a device assistance.

The Solution

We offered the handheld Nautiz X 6 which is an ultra-rugged android phablet ideal for rough-and-tumble applications like surveying and GIS. The major application has been to collect the sub-meter level Geospatial data along with other measurements with the help of an additional measuring instrument which is connected to Nautiz X6. The device becomes quite handy during their operations in extreme temperatures, handling drops, vibrations, humidity and altitude.


The rugged device that has been offered, has really helped L & T with reference to all their survey requirements and which helps in connecting different measuring devices. The device has also helped the L & T for the accurate positioning data with reference to the  Geospatial data on the field where fibre cables are being installed along with other measurements using connected additional devices to NX 6.