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Kagaznagar Division Of Telangana Forest Dept. Becomes One Of The Very First Of Forest Ranges In India To Deploy The New Cuddelink Camera Traps With Its Proprietary Mesh Technology


Kagaznagar Forest Division is one of the most prominent forest divisions which comes under the category of Telangana State Forest Department, which is also referred to as a wide forest area in the Kawal Tiger Reserve. The reserve has been the abode to the presence of varied varieties of flora & fauna and also comprises a wide range of wildlife.

The Challenges

The forest division was actually struggling to get the pictures from a remote location and the challenge for the forest official was to get to the remote areas physically and access the data. This method was quite cumbersome as it involved hustling around the forest. They then wanted to have a device through which the data can be accessed from one single data location.

The Solution Offered

We analysed the requirement and suggested the device which allows the other remote cameras to communicate themselves in a mesh like arrangement. These camera traps are mostly used by the forest officials for monitoring the wildlife at some specific location. Cuddelink, is a device which actually acts as a proprietary wireless mesh network and predominantly allows cameras to communicate among each other and could easily transmit the images from remote cameras to a home image collection camera.

Cuddelink, helped the department to access their data from the home camera and the proprietary wireless mesh network can accommodate 1-15 remote cameras, and it can easily accommodate more cameras for more forest area coverage.

The Result

The Cuddelink has a typical transmission range in a dense forest which is ¼ to ½ mile, and in the open spaces the camera-to-camera range is over 1 mile. In a typical sense, the cuddelink as a device is more convenient as they were able to check cameras more conveniently by placing the home camera in the most convenient location (such as being kept near to the forest office building)

Cuddelink enables the officials to access the data collected from various other remote cameras which are installed at specific locations and the transmissions which keep happening to the home camera. It was a boon to the officials, as they do not have to go to all the places.