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Low Cost Emlid Reach RS2 DGPS Being Used In Telangana For Land Survey

The Challenges

  1. 1. Should work in RTK mode for long range of 50KMS or more.
  2. 2. Should be able to acquire GPS signals under dense canopy and large buildings and structures.
  3. 3. Limitations in terms of cost of ownership.

The solution

Over the years the Differential GPS has gained more popularity and acceptance among the surveying community as a more convenient surveying alternate to electronic total stations, but cost of ownership has always remained a challenge for surveyors and organizations planning to purchase them for their surveying and measurement application. India being an extremely cost sensitive market customers always look for more affordable alternates, this has paved way for newer Oem’s who have equally good instruments to offer at a comparitvley better price than what an established make instrument would be available for.

In this case, a licensed surveyor in Telangana was interested in owning a Differential GPS but had limitations in terms of investment he could make, recognizing this we have suggested the client with Emlid Reach RS2, which is among the most affordable Differential GPS available in India, Emlid Reach RS2 is an 172 channel Multi GNSS Dual Frequency Differential GPS which can acquire GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/SBAS and other constellations, can work on radio mode for around 5 Kms and around 50Kms or more in GSM mode, Reach RS2 can be used for both static and RTK surveying, is ruggedly build, can withstand climatic conditions, is an IP67 rated device meaning it is water proof and dust ingress proof. Lasts for almost 24 work hours on the field, delivers the same positional accuracies as other Differential GPS costing almost 40% to 50% more. Reach RS2 is supplied with necessary accessories like carbon pole, heavy duty tripod, carry container, bipod, tribrach with extension pole, controller, and software’s for data collection. Static Data collected on Reach RS2 can also be post-Processed using the freely downloadable EMLID Studio Post Processing Software.

The Results

Our client Mr. Bunny Sai is successfully using the Emlid Reach RS2 for land demarcation and measuring applications with Telangana and is extremely satisfied with its performance and has Infact recommended Reach RS2 as a suitable alternate for expensive Differential GPS. Emlid Reach RS2 has gained popularity and acceptance among the surveyor’s community within Telangana, and customers reviews over the past year have been extremely encouraging.

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Leica’s ICB 70 Electronic Total Station Emerges As The Desired Tool For Land And Construction Site Measurements Among Builders & Developers In Hyderabad


SV Engineers & Builders is a company having its head office at Armoor in Nizamabad district, and has been one of the prominent and top engineering and building consultants in Nizamabad and operational since 1985. The company deals with some of the professional services and town planning and follows the governing principles of Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP).

The Challenges

As one can understand that the integral component of the consultant’s delivery module depends on gathering the data from the proposed site and the data pertains to the building plans, estimations, elevations, designs etc. It becomes a pain for most survey engineers to collect this data from the site as their busy timeline schedule often restricts them to get the data from the site directly.

This becomes the need of the hour for the company to rely upon third-party service providers who become instrumental in gathering this data from the site.

The solution

As a solution to the above mentioned hurdle, the  Leica icon iCB70, renders the total solution to the surveyor with data which is very accurate and precise. The device is completely user friendly with 7” touch screen and onboard software such as Leica Build and some of the built-in software which makes the users do all the necessary calculations with reference to finding the point-to-point distance, area calculation, stateout etc much easily.

Apart from that, the device could provide the data much quickly from the site in different formats like CSV (Excel), DXF (AutoCAD) and could quickly train the other staff and eventually make them perform the survey related work within the mentioned stipulated time.

The DXF/DWG data file can directly be imported into the instrument

The Results

The Leica Icon ICB70 becomes the next generation model, which is very much suited for construction companies who conduct regular surveys in order to undertake better survey and estimations. The device works brilliantly with the integration of mobile data capability (Optional), and this feature enables the user to transfer the construction data from the instrument to the office almost instantly.

The device actually becomes the phenomenal shift from the conventional Analogue based layout methods to the digital layout methods, towards this the Leica icon iCB70 becomes more preferable to get the accuracies which is very much required in the construction industry.

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Hundreds Of Handheld ALGIZ RT8 Rugged Controllers Compatible With Pentax CORS Enabled GNSS Rovers, Deployed At Settlement Survey & Land Records, Andhra Pradesh

Department Introduction
The main aim of the department is to streamline the maintenance of land records and hence enabling good and efficient services to the public.

The Challenges
In the yesteryears, the revenue department which was a part of the settlement survey which comprised land records in Andhra Pradesh subsequently wanted to survey all the districts and keep the  records digitally but often faced multiple challenges, as they did the land survey with the help of the chain and had older physical records. The revenue or the survey department wanted to keep the survey done in all the districts. Apart from this, the application required very high positional data which were achieved by various other technologies.

In many villages the officials found that the lands have been encroached by the locals and their documents have been grabbed by the villages. They did this because they did not have the idea about their rights over the land registration and the subsequent structure.

To overcome this, the survey settlement land record has been on its mission to setup the Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS) across the state of Andhra Pradesh, and in order to do this, they required large quantities of CORS compatible GNSS rovers with rugged controllers, where our solution is limited to provide rugged controllers and its accessories.

The department initiated the process of procurement of the CORS station compatible GNSS rovers and rugged controllers and the device should have a minimum life of 8-10 years and should come with the added accessories to mount the device plus with field replacement battery and Li-on battery with a full day battery-backup and with IP 67 rated whole body. The device is MIL-STD-810G certified which can sustain the resistance to 4ft drop, which is the latest operating system and compatible with most GNSS applications.The controller can withstand both hot, humid climatic conditions which prevails in Andhra Pradesh.

The Solution

The Ultra Rugged Handheld ALGIZ RT8 device has become the perfect-fit for this kind of requirement mandate and which is extremely rugged built-in, comes with a lifespan of 8-10 years, and has a full-day battery backup. The device is MIL-STD-810G and BIS certified, which comes with the latest operating system and supports almost all the GNSS rover systems which are available in the market.

The Result

We have successfully deployed and commissioned the supply of 100’s of hand-held Ultra Rugged Handheld ALGIZ RT8 controllers. The entire process was successfully completed by Lawrence & Mayo India Pvt Ltd, who bundled their Pentax GNSS rovers with AlGIZ RT8 controllers, these devices are currently operational in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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Land Surveyors In Telangana Using Geode GNSS 2 For Land Demarcation And Measurement


The Juniper Geode GNS2 is a device which can easily collect the real-time sub meter GNSS data, the device is designed with versatility in mind and works with a wide range of  Windows, Windows Mobile and Android devices. The Geode GNS 2 is a ready to deploy device which can deliver a positional accuracy of +-30 cm on a real time basis and as a stand alone receiver without the need of subscribing to any corrections service or the need to set up a base station. All the data connection software can seamlessly work with Geode GNS 2

The Bottleneck

In the yesteryears, the land survey was typically conducted by land surveyors using the chain, but then, the surveyors found it quite cumbersome to use the chain and it surely required more manpower to handle the chain from one end to the other end. On the contrary to this, the customers wanted to have a reliable solution which could possibly replace the existing chain system for most of the land surveying that keeps happening.

The surveying option which was being carried out by the surveyors was confined to Electronic Total Station or a differential GPS. These technologies are relatively expensive and require trained manpower.

The Solution

The GEODE GNS 2  is a simple sub meter GNSS solution offered to suit the needs of the surveyor and it does not require more manpower or any previous experience to handle the device and further can be handled by a single person.

We  had a success story, as one of our customers Mrs. Lalitha, who is a licensed surveyor in the state of Telangana, was using the chain system in order to perform her survey. Incidentally, she was facing lots of physical problems and above all she also had to rely on more manpower to complete the survey, these were actually leading to lots of chaos and time consumption.

We approached Mrs. Lalitha with a tangible solution of offering her Juniper Geode GNS2, as this was the latest technology solution and through this device, she could herself do surveys without any possible assistance. The device was able to deliver positional accuracy below +-30 cm, and using GEODE GNS2 she was able to perform point measurement, line measurement, area calculation, polygon, demarcation, missing point, stakeout and navigation.

The GEODE GNS 2 is offered which is bundled with Map-IT GIS Pro data Collection Software which not only performs the measurement as mentioned above but also gives the satellite imagery of the area that is benign surveyed and the option to share data files in multiple formats like .kml, .csv, or as in Autocad file. One can export this file out of the device using sharing options like whatsapp and email.

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