Indian Railways Deploys Leica DISTO S910 For Measuring Pole Distance’s And Ground Clearance Of Overhead High Tension Wires

Jul 29, 2021


The railway department in their quest towards laying the railway line and laying electrical traction poles often tend to measure two pole distances and height of the poles from the ground till the overhead wire traction. These measurements make the officials get to work and hence build the railway line from one section to the other.

The Challenge

The challenge being faced by the railway department is to take the manual measurement between two poles. The measurement could include the distance between two poles and the height from the ground to the overhead high tension wire. Earlier they were using various tapes to measure and the officials used to climb up with ladders in order to take the measurement.

The Solution

The solution that we offered was Leica DISTO S910, which could measure distances between any two points, angles and also the inclinations at the same time, standing from one single location. The device can precisely take multiple measurements between two poles, height of the pole, centre point of the cable etc much seamlessly. Above all, it can even share the DXF data from site to office for further processing very easily.


DISTO S910 is a very user-friendly device, which can help the department and also with its user friendliness it allows the users to have a self-learning paradigm. The measurement through the device is much more accurate and precise. It is found to be very good for the users, especially during the rainy season as one can imagine that climbing the polies there are greater chances of a short-circuit in a railway track, this can be avoided when using this device.

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