Land Surveyors In Telangana Using Geode GNSS 2 For Land Demarcation And Measurement

Jul 29, 2021


The Juniper Geode GNS2 is a device which can easily collect the real-time sub meter GNSS data, the device is designed with versatility in mind and works with a wide range of  Windows, Windows Mobile and Android devices. The Geode GNS 2 is a ready to deploy device which can deliver a positional accuracy of +-30 cm on a real time basis and as a stand alone receiver without the need of subscribing to any corrections service or the need to set up a base station. All the data connection software can seamlessly work with Geode GNS 2

The Bottleneck

In the yesteryears, the land survey was typically conducted by land surveyors using the chain, but then, the surveyors found it quite cumbersome to use the chain and it surely required more manpower to handle the chain from one end to the other end. On the contrary to this, the customers wanted to have a reliable solution which could possibly replace the existing chain system for most of the land surveying that keeps happening.

The surveying option which was being carried out by the surveyors was confined to Electronic Total Station or a differential GPS. These technologies are relatively expensive and require trained manpower.

The Solution

The GEODE GNS 2  is a simple sub meter GNSS solution offered to suit the needs of the surveyor and it does not require more manpower or any previous experience to handle the device and further can be handled by a single person.

We  had a success story, as one of our customers Mrs. Lalitha, who is a licensed surveyor in the state of Telangana, was using the chain system in order to perform her survey. Incidentally, she was facing lots of physical problems and above all she also had to rely on more manpower to complete the survey, these were actually leading to lots of chaos and time consumption.

We approached Mrs. Lalitha with a tangible solution of offering her Juniper Geode GNS2, as this was the latest technology solution and through this device, she could herself do surveys without any possible assistance. The device was able to deliver positional accuracy below +-30 cm, and using GEODE GNS2 she was able to perform point measurement, line measurement, area calculation, polygon, demarcation, missing point, stakeout and navigation.

The GEODE GNS 2 is offered which is bundled with Map-IT GIS Pro data Collection Software which not only performs the measurement as mentioned above but also gives the satellite imagery of the area that is benign surveyed and the option to share data files in multiple formats like .kml, .csv, or as in Autocad file. One can export this file out of the device using sharing options like whatsapp and email.

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