Leica’s ICB 70 Electronic Total Station Emerges As The Desired Tool For Land And Construction Site Measurements Among Builders & Developers In Hyderabad

Jul 29, 2021


SV Engineers & Builders is a company having its head office at Armoor in Nizamabad district, and has been one of the prominent and top engineering and building consultants in Nizamabad and operational since 1985. The company deals with some of the professional services and town planning and follows the governing principles of Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP).

The Challenges

As one can understand that the integral component of the consultant’s delivery module depends on gathering the data from the proposed site and the data pertains to the building plans, estimations, elevations, designs etc. It becomes a pain for most survey engineers to collect this data from the site as their busy timeline schedule often restricts them to get the data from the site directly.

This becomes the need of the hour for the company to rely upon third-party service providers who become instrumental in gathering this data from the site.

The solution

As a solution to the above mentioned hurdle, the  Leica icon iCB70, renders the total solution to the surveyor with data which is very accurate and precise. The device is completely user friendly with 7” touch screen and onboard software such as Leica Build and some of the built-in software which makes the users do all the necessary calculations with reference to finding the point-to-point distance, area calculation, stateout etc much easily.

Apart from that, the device could provide the data much quickly from the site in different formats like CSV (Excel), DXF (AutoCAD) and could quickly train the other staff and eventually make them perform the survey related work within the mentioned stipulated time.

The DXF/DWG data file can directly be imported into the instrument

The Results

The Leica Icon ICB70 becomes the next generation model, which is very much suited for construction companies who conduct regular surveys in order to undertake better survey and estimations. The device works brilliantly with the integration of mobile data capability (Optional), and this feature enables the user to transfer the construction data from the instrument to the office almost instantly.

The device actually becomes the phenomenal shift from the conventional Analogue based layout methods to the digital layout methods, towards this the Leica icon iCB70 becomes more preferable to get the accuracies which is very much required in the construction industry.

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