Leica Icon Icb70 1 And DD220 Cable Locator Made The Survey For Buried Utilities With Much Efficiency

Aug 13, 2021

The Public Works Department (PWD) often looks after the maintenance of water supply to the district of Diu, and Major District Roads (MDR) and Other District Roads (ODR) for Diu district. Apart from that they also handle the maintenance of government buildings with the inclusion of both residential and non-residential buildings.

The Requirement
The PWD was looking forward to a total solution and also the cable locator to do the city survey. They used to hire a contractor surveyor in order to conduct the survey, which the surveyor could very well do with Drones, Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS), Total Station, Chain Survey etc. But, the PWD was not convinced with the work output from the surveyors and instead wanted to do it themselves so they decided to procure the total station and cable locator..

The Solution

We offered the device Leica iCON iCB70 1 second, which can be used for construction projects with either prism or reflectorless measurements. The device helps the department to bring about a transitional move from the conventional analogue layout methods to modern digital workflows and in turn the iCB70 helps you to achieve the productivity and accuracies as required by PWD.

Leica iCON iCB70 equipped with the construction-based tailored module becomes an easy-to-use software platform which guarantees the efficient layout and as-built tasks and becomes handy for manual construction.

We also offered DD220 cable locator which is a SMART utility locator solution which uses industry-leading digital signal processing to identify underground assets deeper, faster and more accurately than any other system. The new SMART utility locator solution allows users to detect buried utilities, transfer and access data remotely to a hosted service for multiple users, across multiple sites to manage site activities.


The department were vehemently satisfied with Leica iCON icB70 1 second and Leica DD220 cable locator. The devices helped them to perform the city survey all by themselves.

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