Low Cost Emlid Reach RS2 DGPS Being Used In Telangana For Land Survey

Aug 14, 2021

The Challenges

  1. 1. Should work in RTK mode for long range of 50KMS or more.
  2. 2. Should be able to acquire GPS signals under dense canopy and large buildings and structures.
  3. 3. Limitations in terms of cost of ownership.

The solution

Over the years the Differential GPS has gained more popularity and acceptance among the surveying community as a more convenient surveying alternate to electronic total stations, but cost of ownership has always remained a challenge for surveyors and organizations planning to purchase them for their surveying and measurement application. India being an extremely cost sensitive market customers always look for more affordable alternates, this has paved way for newer Oem’s who have equally good instruments to offer at a comparitvley better price than what an established make instrument would be available for.

In this case, a licensed surveyor in Telangana was interested in owning a Differential GPS but had limitations in terms of investment he could make, recognizing this we have suggested the client with Emlid Reach RS2, which is among the most affordable Differential GPS available in India, Emlid Reach RS2 is an 172 channel Multi GNSS Dual Frequency Differential GPS which can acquire GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/SBAS and other constellations, can work on radio mode for around 5 Kms and around 50Kms or more in GSM mode, Reach RS2 can be used for both static and RTK surveying, is ruggedly build, can withstand climatic conditions, is an IP67 rated device meaning it is water proof and dust ingress proof. Lasts for almost 24 work hours on the field, delivers the same positional accuracies as other Differential GPS costing almost 40% to 50% more. Reach RS2 is supplied with necessary accessories like carbon pole, heavy duty tripod, carry container, bipod, tribrach with extension pole, controller, and software’s for data collection. Static Data collected on Reach RS2 can also be post-Processed using the freely downloadable EMLID Studio Post Processing Software.

The Results

Our client Mr. Bunny Sai is successfully using the Emlid Reach RS2 for land demarcation and measuring applications with Telangana and is extremely satisfied with its performance and has Infact recommended Reach RS2 as a suitable alternate for expensive Differential GPS. Emlid Reach RS2 has gained popularity and acceptance among the surveyor’s community within Telangana, and customers reviews over the past year have been extremely encouraging.

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